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Best way to remove pet hair – professional cleaning agency tips

Can you think of one place in your home you don’t find pet hair? It’s on your clothes, in your bathroom, your cars, counters, etc. We all love our cats & dogs, but it’s amazing how pet hair somehow gets everywhere, even in places your pet doesn’t even hang around! This is not only an issue for pet owners, but cleaning professionals too. So we thought it would be a great idea to ask what she does to ensure her clients homes look pet hair free! Start cleaning like a pro today, see how Mint agency does it below!

How we remove pet hair at Menta professional cleaning agency

Cleaning a home with inside pets can be a challenge, especially if you have a pet that sheds. Even those that don’t shed have hair that falls off all over your floors and furniture. A good vacuum with the proper attachments is a must.

Clean top down: get pet hair off furniture and counters

It’s important to clean top down, meaning starting with the higher up areas, and making your way down to the floor. We vacuum furniture and dust the surfaces above the floor prior to vacuuming the floor, to ensure the most efficient and effective method of collecting pet hair. Professional cleaning agency suggests using the Shark Vacuum as a great choice because it is lightweight and comes with a wide pet upholstery tool!

  1. Dust-off highest areas first. Using an extended reach duster, like a chenille microfiber high duster, remove hair , dust, & dander from areas such as ceiling fans, lights, blinds, window sills,  and baseboards.
  2. Dust-off hard furniture surfaces such as tables and chairs
  3. Don’t forget about wet pet drool! Do a damp dust on areas with wet pet drool and other debris that didn’t come off with the duster. Don’t forget your windows and window sills. Buff™ Pro Microfiber towels make for great damp dusting tools, just wet them with water!
  4. Vacuum Couches & Chairs using the Shark Vacuum pet tool that came with your vacuum, paying special attention to the areas your pet likes to sit.
  5. Use the Pet Upholstery tool to clean your pet’s beds.

Vacuuming pet hair from your floor


  1. Professional cleaning agency suggest to vacuum carpets thoroughly by moving everything that’s possible to move and getting underneath all the furniture you can get under. Remember hair accumulates around and under things.
  2. Vacuum in several different directions to remove all the hair.
  3. Use Vacuum Crevice Tool For Areas Your Vacuum Couldn’t Reach: Follow up your vacuuming by using a crevice tool to get the areas along the baseboards and in the corners where your vacuum didn’t quite reach.

Hard floor surfaces: hardwood, tile, laminate

  1. Safely remove pet hair from your hard floor: Using a hard floor tool vacuum attachment to remove pet hair, ensures you aren’t scratching or damaging your floors. We recommend the Hoover Royal Gulper Floor Tool. If you choose to use this one with your Shark Vacuum, you will need an adapter for this to fit your Shark vacuum, but it’s worth it. This will get under most of your furniture and beds.
  2. Pay special attention to underneath couches and other furniture.
  3. Final Step: Mopping Your Floors! Get rid off all the remaining pet hair. A great mop to use for collecting pet hair is the Professional Microfiber Mop System, it comes with a mojave dust mop pad that was made for trapping & holding onto dust & pet hair. If you need a smaller size mop use the Microfiber Mop System

Why professional cleaning agency removes pet hair like this?

Pet hair sticks to many surfaces. By dusting top down with an extendable duster, the hair that doesn’t stick to the duster falls to the floor where it can be vacuumed. Vacuuming the furniture and pet beds prior to vacuuming the floor prevents more hair, dust, and dander from falling to your floor and covering surface areas every time you or your pet, sit on it.

Professional cleaning agency key pro tips

  • Pet hair has the tendency to accumulate around & under things.
  • Pay special attention to the areas your pet likes to sit.

Tools to use

  1. Extendable Reach Dusters
  2. Vacuum For Carpet & Hard Floor
  3. Vacuum Hard Floor Attachment
  4. Small Mop For Pet Hair (Small Size)
  5. Large Mop For Pet Hair