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How often do you need to vacuum if you have children or pets?

With these tips, your favorite carpet will last longer and your house will be cleaner and tidy!

Here are simple tips for carpet maintenance, which will make them look new, nice and clean for the first day. It is not necessary to trample on a carpet like the eggs or go around it to last as long as possible! They are here to give a comfortable atmosphere, and with the help of these tips, you will realize that you do not need to change them often – when you can keep them right now. We discover how often it needs to be vacuumed if you have children or pets.

Vacuum frequently

The first and basic thing is to keep the carpet clean; Depending on who lives in the home, you will need to vacuum more often or less. By unwritten rule, it should be vacuumed at least once a week to maintain basic hygiene at home, and what concerns, in addition, apartment without children and pets – once a week; family with children – two to three times a week; family with pets – three times a week; adults, children, pets – every other day.

Regular professional cleaning

It is impossible to deepen the carpet in depth as far as it will suck, so that the dirt is deep and hard. Therefore, it would be best if you take carpets and rugs once a year to professional cleaning in some carpet service.

In addition to deep and professional laundry that does not damage, there are also services such as replacement of carpet and carpet cleaning, so you can arrange it on the occasion to look like a new one, without sparring edges, torn and torn blades and ends that flow from all sides. In addition to good looks, this prevents further wear.

Matting and cleaning – for dirt outside the home

The best way to keep your carpet is to prevent moisture and wear as much as you can, and the basic thing is that you do not go to the outfit that you are wearing outside of the apartment (and the entire apartment)!

There is no need to tell how many roads are dirty, we all know it, and that’s why, in front of the door, you put a quality mop where everyone who enters toss the soles of the dust off dust

With this in mind, it is not particularly indecent to ask the guests to come out when they enter, especially those you know for a long time, but not if you do not have the perfect seamless shoes for them!

In the event that it is still unpleasant for you to get them out, it will be enough and you will thoroughly suck up after the visit.

With pets in the apartment

Ukoliko vaši ljubimci često izlaze u dvorište, moraćete češće da usisavate – a isto važi i ako se linjaju.

Za one koji idu u šetnje možete nabaviti posebne navlake za šape, a ako im se to ne sviđa, nabavite neškodljive vlažne maramice i prebrišite im šape (i zaprljane delove krzna) pre ulaska u stan.

Što se tiče linjanja, često usisavanje je neminovno; probajte da smanjite količinu dlaka u stanu svakodnevnim četkanjem na terasi ili u kadi, odnosno tuš kabini. Za nameštaj nabavite lepljive rolere i jednom dnevno na brzinu pređite preko površina na kojima ima dlaka.

If your pets often go into the yard, you will have to vacuum more frequently – and the same applies if they are lining.

For those who go for walks, you can get special pads for paws, and if they do not like it, get innocuous wet wipes and wipe their paws (and dirty parts of fur) before entering the apartment.

As for lining, often suction is inevitable; Try to reduce the amount of hair in the apartment by daily brushing on the terrace or in a bath or shower. For the furniture, get sticky rollers and once a day go quickly over surfaces with hair.

As soon as you remove individual stains!

If something spills into the carpet, do not hesitate and clean it immediately – because it will be much harder, and in some cases it is impossible if the fleece is dried.

Clean the carpet according to the instructions, depending on the flea, weaving and materials. Do not rub and rub, so that the stain does not get into the carpet even more, but first absorb what is shedding, then spray a small amount of the product, let it work and clean it by tapping; Repeat several times until the stain is removed.

Change the furniture layout

If you do not change the layout of the furniture on the carpets for a long time, the fingerprints will later be hard to glean and return to the old one. So try changing the furniture schedule from time to time, or turn the carpet.

It’s enough to do this twice a year, and it’s best if you install the carpet so that heavy furniture does not lean on it.

Carpet maintenance is essentially extremely easy and belongs to regular home jobs. Clean them regularly, and for a long time will make your home a warmer and comfortable place to live!