Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot about my cleaning booking?
We'll remind you with an SMS, but if the cleaner can't get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren't home when you said you would be, you'll be charged a lock-out fee 250 dinars
What is your Cancellation Policy?
Cancellation if free of charge if you do it by the day before the appointment. If you will cancel cleaning in the day of booking you'll be charged 250 dinars
Does someone need to be present?
Whether or not you're at the space during your cleaning appointment is up to you! Just leave us detailed entry instructions when you schedule your appointment online so we know how to gain access to your place. Your lace will be locked when a cleaner leaves.
Do I need to provide cleaning supplies mop, bucket, or vacuum?
Only if you choose the Basic package.
Do you clean during weekends or after business hours?
We clean during both. Our cleaning staff is able to clean day and evening or weekends, depending on your preference.
Why the prices for cash payment is higher?
Because we should fill in much more papers and carry your cash to the bank every 3 days. Fortunately, if you have a company, modern technologies allow you to make payments in several clicks on your smartphone or computer. But if you prefer good-old cash it's ok.
What about my Pets?
We love animals and you can leave detailed pet instructions during the online scheduling process.
What if I unhappy with the quality of cleaning?
After the clean is complete, you can contact our manager and provide feedback. We will re-train our cleaners and the next time send you somebody to fit your expectations. If a cleaner makes our clients unhappy often we will fire this person. We have a strict system of rewards and punishments for cleaners and you can be sure, they will do their best.
Why your services cost slightly more than freelancers prices?
Because we pay taxes, salaries, for accounting etc. But you get much more for that additional 100 dinars. With us, you get professional services from a company with all the benefits this brings.

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What if I need cleaning in another city?
Let us know that you are seeking cleaning services in your city and
we will consider opening an office in your city.
How do I update my information?
To switch your information, simply log into to your personal cabinet on this website and edit your information
When are you open?
We are open every day from 09:00 to 18:00. But we do our best to check your messages and orders every time as fast as possible even during weekends.
Will the same cleaner show up for all my appointments?
If you're happy with your cleaner let us know and we will send this person to all of your appointments. You just have to contact us to let us know and we'll make it happen!
Where do you serve?
In Novi Sad, Serbia. But we will expand to Belgrade soon.
Do I get a discount if I'm a frequent customer?
Our regular customers can get a special 10% off for a long term 6 months contract for recurring cleaning.
I don’t have a vacuum.
Click on the checkbox "I don't have a vacuum cleaner" and we will bring our vacuum. Or choose the Premium Package if you would like to see our special, high-quality, deep-cleaning vacuum cleaner.
Will you wash dishes, clothes?
Dishes - yes. Clothes - no.